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Exerpts from Dan Foliart's Letter to the City of Bevely Hills

DAN FOLIART, President, the Society of Composers and Lyricists
"Few individuals can be considered icons in their professions, but even fewer can attain the status of icon of a country. George Gershwin's legacy is clear and irrefutable. In the course of his brief lifetime he achieved more and left us more as a society than any other figure in his profession. His sonorous melodies will forever be a part of our cultural history. His accomplishments would have been legend if only confined to his popular songs. However his achievements in cinema, Broadway and the concert hall have so defined excellence in each genre that his legacy is synonymous with American music wherever it is heard throughout the world...........At the risk of seeming jingoistic, I feel that Los Angeles and its surrounding communities are among the greatest in the country. Too often, however I believe that we are short sighted in celebrating our own cultural landmarks. Perhaps we are too close to appreciate the greatness that has been created here. However, if we can't save the home of one of our most famous Americans from the wrecking ball, then I think that we must take a long hard look at our civic pride."