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Exerpts from Marilyn Bergman's Letter to
the City of Bevely Hills

MARILYN BERGMAN, President and Chairman of the Board, ASCAP
"As long time residents of Beverly Hills, we have been witness to the razing of so many beautiful, irreplaceable homes, homes that gave this city its character and distinctiveness.

We've just learned, to our amazement, that Beverly Hills does not have any provisions to protect its historical homes. We shudder to think of the distinguished, talented residents of this city whose homes, where historic work was done, have already been demolished.

Now we learn that the city is proposing to add to this list a wonderful old house, a landmark: The home of two of America's treasured artists, George and Ira Gershwin. The songs that were born in this house are at the heart of the world's most beloved music. The residence was later sold to Rosemary Clooney. We were fortunate to have spent many wonderful evenings together around the piano with Rosemary within those walls and all the musical memories they hold....In any European city this would never happen. There would be a plaque on the building in recognition of its historic importance. It would never be destroyed..."